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The Big Head: Author's Preferred Version

The Big Head: Author's Preferred Version - Edward Lee This book is very violent for a greater portion of it's length and contains an inordinate amount of sexual assault, to the point that at about the 3/4 point I began to wonder if this was less a horror novel and much, much more just the author's violent, unnatural, hooligan-like mind spewed out on paper. But the final part of the book, towards the very end in fact, put paid to that when it all comes together quite well and really does stand up well as a good, solid horror novel.

I won't spoil the ending by telling too much here, but suffice to say if you can stomach the seemingly endless parade of extreme violence, and almost entirely extreme sexual violence at that, then your efforts will be well rewarded come the end.

One thing that didn't sit well with me at all however was the fact that the priest gets dragged down to hell at the very end. This happens because he's apparently committed a number of sins in his life, almost entirely in his youth in fact. So let me get this straight now. A priest does some inadvisable things, some very bad things in fact and none of the good things he does for the entire rest of his life make any difference to anything as far as his god is concerned. Nothing he has done has atoned for anything. And, more importantly, the intention behind both the bad and good things he's done has no impact on his final judgement in the end. He's going to Hell anyway no matter what! Well... that's everyone in the entire world then, surely? I really hope the author's view of life after death is very, very wrong on that one then.

Also, I'm pretty sure women don't have Adams Apples. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. That's just me being a bit picky though.

All in all it is a great book. Well written and with characters that you really want to care about, it's undoubtedly very, very violent in just about every way you can think of and a fair few you almost certainly haven't, but then if you've read anything about this author then you were probably quite aware of his writing style anyway.

I liked it a lot, even given the priest bit at the end.

Excellent stuff, on the whole.