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John Dies at the End

John Dies at the End - David Wong I really expected to like this one. I'd seen a review that likened our to the same sort of humour as we saw in 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', but was very much disappointed. I love a bit humour.Life's too serious so you need a good but of silliness now and again our you'd go mad I think, but this just struck me as a little too puerile for my liking. Hitchhiker's had a reason for the humour, and it worked well with the characters and within the storyline. 'John Dies At The End' seemed to be trying too hard to be funny, and even though there were some amusing moments, they seemed very childish and caused me to groan as much as I was amused.

There may come a time where I'll be more in the mood for this type of thing, but if that time comes I could see myself picking up Hitchhiker's again our one of the many Discworld novels rather than attempt to plough through this.

Left me disappointed after reading only 10%, which is very unusual for me. I always try to give any novel 25% before quitting, but on this occasion I just couldn't do it.