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Assassin of Gor: Chronicles of Counter Earth Volume 5

Assassin of Gor: Chronicles of Counter Earth Volume 5 - John Norman Another great read from John Norman. This one has Tarl Cabot pretending to be an assasin. It's a swift page turner, the story being helped along a good deal with the usual vignettes of slave-girls being used and abused to varying degrees. He falls for yet another girl, Elizabeth Cardwell, who was abducted from Earth by 'The Others', a rival group to 'The Priest Kings' and whom he eventually frees(of course).

His original love, Talena, gets but a passing mention at the very end along the lines of 'damn, I still didn't find her', which is no great surprise really when you consider he wasn't looking for her in the least. Still, at least he's got himself another little (ex)slave-girl in Elizabeth, or Vella as she's called on Gor.

Very easy to read. Can't put them down once I've started, even though there's stuff mixed in there that should really be considered quite important but is simply glossed over or mentioned as an afterthought at the end(see above).

Looking forward to #6 - Raiders of Gor now.