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Tick Tock: A Novel

Tick Tock - Dean Koontz This was a funny book, mainly due to the weirdness of some of the characters and not at all what you'd normally expect from Dean Koontz. It's about a man that receives a little cloth doll, it's left on his doorstep and he takes it into his house, which turns out to be the both the biggest mistake of his life, and also a terrific blessing due to the fact that it leads him to find a wonderfully eccentric young lady called Deliverance Payne.

The story is fast moving and the characters are truly memorable. Deliverance was a little too good to be true at times what with her being an heiress and having amazing magical/psychic type powers and all, but was otherwise a favourite.

Tommy's mother was very well done I thought, as was her friend the sorceress from the old country. One of the reviews I read of this book said that it had changed her life. It didn't change mine so much as simply reinforce views and beliefs I've held for a very long time, so for that also I'm also grateful.

A very enjoyable little tale set in a wonderfully weird and yet perfectly normal world. I can recommend it as a rollicking, light-hearted and at times thought-provoking read.

oh, and I almost forgot, there's a little twist near the end that was quite well done I thought.