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The Sprouts of Wrath (Brentford Trilogy)

The Sprouts of Wrath - Robert Rankin This is the fourth in the trilogy(that isn't really a trilogy) and this time Pooley, Omalley & co. are once more fighting the forces of darkness, this time against the backdrop of the Olympics. To be honest, I think you could run these characters through any situation or adventure with success. The story itself really is more of the same and could do with an injection of a little more originality at this point, but still, I look forward to these ones.

All in all, I think if you're looking for a quick, easy read that doesn't require much engagement of grey-matter then this is it. I always have to find something a little more involved to read afterwards just to wake my brain up again.

A good, easy read. Read it for the characters, not the story.