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Glory Lane

Glory Lane - Alan Dean Foster I very nearly continued with this one, but in the end decided that with all the books waiting to be read in this world, not finishing Glory Lane by Alan Dean Foster is something that I feel I can live with.

It wasn't a bad book, as such. Just not the great piece of humorous sci-fi I felt it should have been. What didn't help in my case was my inability to really empathize with the protagonist, Seeth, the punk. Initially I was quite taken with this idea of having a punk as a lead character but I found it wore thin rather quickly.

The lack of a gripping story-line didn't do much to help matters to be honest. It seemed to take a long time to get to where it wanted to be, which when we did get there, didn't even seem to be worth the wait.

I nearly gave it 3 stars(as in, I liked it) because I didn't dislike it really. It just didn't grab me in any way at all. And I like to feel there's something in a novel that I can like.

Was OK. But only just, and not really worth plowing on through unless it's all you have left on the shelf.