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The Urban Fantasy Anthology

The Urban Fantasy Anthology - Charles de Lint, Carrie Vaughn, Francesca Lia Block, Tim Powers, Susan Palwick, Joe R. Lansdale, Thomas M. Disch, Suzy McKee Charnas, Bruce McAllister, Jeffrey Ford, Emma Bull, Steven R. Boyett, Al Sarrantonio, Peter S. Beagle, Neil Gaiman, Norman Partridge, Kelley Armst Yeah, i enjoyed this when all's said and done. The first section of the book(mythic fiction) very much let down the second and third sections which really would have lifted this book into the 5 star realms had they been the whole of the book. Still, very good on the whole. In any anthology there are nearly always stories that aren't as good as the rest or simply don't seem to belong and this was certainly the case here too, but all things considered it deserves a 4 star rating in my opinion and a few of the stories easily rank 5 stars.

I've always enjoyed short stories. I think they're a wonderful device to display a specific little part of life, like if you were to slice a neat little chunk out of life with a scalpel and place it under a spotlight. I like that.

Anyway, 4 stars, would have been 5 but for the woeful first section.