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Nomads of Gor

Nomads of Gor  - John Norman If you ever want to know what John Norman's 'Chronicles of Gor' are like, all you need do is read 'Chapter 25 - I Am Served Wine' and be done with it. I am of course exagerating. Just not much.

This installment of Tarl Cabot's adventures in the strange world of Gor has him distracted yet again from finding his beloved Talena to spend years on end with the fierce Wagon peoples who it is said were given the last egg of the Priest Kings which he has now promised himself he would find and return to them. He gets distracted a lot in fact, to the extent that he now hooks-up with another girl, Elizabeth Cardwell, who was unceremoniously snatched from Earth and dumped on the dusty plains of Gor to live out her life as a slave girl. She doesn't take to it quite as well as her gorean masters would have hoped though, and for some strange reason acts up a bit whence she becomes affectionately known as the pretty little barbarian. In the end, Tarl Cabot, who can always be relied upon to teach a girl her place, manages to bring her round to his point of view and convince our pretty little barbarian that she would of course be infinitely happier by submitting, and becoming his slave girl. Of course, which girl wouldn't? So, she bets him he can't in fact convince her of this, only to promptly lose, thereby ending a wonderful chapter(25, mentioned above) literally begging him to make her his slave, and even handing him the slave collar.

What a wonderful place Gor is. I wonder how I get there...?