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The Way of Kings, Part One (Stormlight Archive)

The Way of Kings - Brandon Sanderson I hate not finishing novels. That said, I'm not going to waste precious reading time on a book(and very lengthy series) that is this slow to start and seems to be a story about nothing in particular. And while I'm very well aware of the general concensus that sees this as the 'set-up' novel of a great rambling epic, I simply can't justify giving time to books that are written as a kind of over extended scene setter for the next 10 doorstoppers. This edition was the Part One of a two part first in the series of 10, and I find myself unable to force myself on after a mere 214 pages so I'm doing myself a favour and quitting now instead of ploughing ahead in the hope things improve.

It started well, reminding me a lot of the Mistborn trilogy with its strange magic and superhuman characters, but unlike Mistborn, it just slowed to a crawl and then almost stopped dead for hundreds of pages. Watching some unfortunate wretch running from place to place with a bridge and getting nowhere fast would actually be an apt description of this book thus far(214 pages). Unlike a lot of people, I'm not that forgiving of a novel(and a first novel at that) whose sole purpose it is to introduce the daily tedium of an unjustifiably tedious world. I've absolutely no doubt whatsoever that it will pick up from book 2 or maybe 3 or whatever, but that's simply no excuse for creating such tedium, nor for the apologist attitude towards an awful lot of epic fantasy these days that seems to enjoy nothing more than making the excuse that 'it's a set-up novel' so it's ok that it's boring. No... it's not ok. It really isn't.

Very tedious. Very plodding. Very pedestrian. And so not worth your time.